So you’re having surgery!

Going “under the knife” can be a scary time but there are things you can do to help you on the road to recovery. Here are a few tips:

  1. Get Moving – As soon as your Dr. gives you permission get up and get walking. Some of the most serious complications post-surgery are pneumonia and blood clots.  Many people also experience uncomfortable constipation.  Going for a short walk every couple of hours is a gentle way to keep your circulation and bowels moving and your lungs clear.
  2. Eat Right – Our body needs special attention and fuel when we’re recovering from the trauma of surgery. You may not feel much like eating but consuming enough protein is critical for your body to repair.  Also, remember your fiber to keep things moving and avoid sugary foods which can lead to fluctuations in your blood sugar increasing your feelings of malaise.
  3. Pay attention – Your doctor will give you thorough instructions to care for your wound, warning signs to be aware of and tips to control your pain. Listen carefully and when in doubt, follow up with your doctor or nurse.
  4. Be safe – Remember, you may feel dizzy or disoriented post-anesthesia. Having a care companion around after surgery for a few hours a day is a great way to keep yourself safe.  Knowing someone is there to help you with a meal, assist you in and out of the shower, and keep up with the chores around the house will let you focus on getting well.  Consider moving your bed to a main level room so you don’t have to climb stairs.  Think about renting or borrowing other equipment you might needs such as a toilet-riser or walker to enhance your mobility and safety.

If you have surgery coming up, call Leaves Personal Care.  We can schedule a complimentary assessment to see if temporary, homecare services might be a good fit to help you along your road to recovery.

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