Achieve and Maintaining Cognitive Vitality through Lifestyle Management

Mayo Clinic published an article entitled, Achieving and Maintaining Cognitive Vitality with Aging.  In it they wrote:

“Emerging research has resulted in a growing understanding of the potentially modifiable risk factors associated with cognitive decline in late life, and several interventions are being evaluated in research studies to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in older persons.”

One of the Possible Strategies listed in the publication included Lifestyle Management and identified the following four steps to help maintain cognitive vitality.

  • Build “cognitive reserve” by remaining intellectually and socially active
    • Continue lifelong learning
    • Engage in regular mental exercise
    • Maintain active social networks
    • Remain involved in the community by occupational or voluntary activity
  • Engage in regular physical exercise
  • Reduce or minimize the effects of stress
  • Ensure appropriate nutrition and avoid nutritional deficiencies

You can read the full article here.  To learn how Leaves can help you or your loved one maintain cognitive vitality, click here

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