Spending Bill for Home-based Care and Services Proposed

At the end of April, President Joe Biden proposed a spending bill to Congress that allocates $400 billion for home-based care and services.  The White House shared, “President Biden believes more people should have the opportunity to receive care at home, in a supportive community, or from a loved one,”

Elder care thought leader and entrepreneur, Dr. Bill Thomas likened it to “water for a seedling.”  He stated “I think the money would provide entrepreneurs and innovators with more confidence that this is a direction that is going to be sustained over a period of time. It isn’t going to be “one and done.” I see it nourishing a young home- and community-based services industry that isn’t fully developed yet. We’re just now emerging out of the home health care cocoon.” https://homehealthcarenews.com/2021/05/senior-care-innovator-bill-thomas-america-needs-to-change-how-it-talks-about-home-care/

Brian Blase, a former Trump White House health care adviser, said in an interview with ABC News, “It is bipartisan to support people who would be eligible for Medicaid staying at home rather than going into institutions,”

Specifics are light at this point on how this funding might affect you if the bill passes, but Leaves will continue to watch and keep you informed.

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